A fast opening carbon fibre electric gate that needs no power with spans from 2 to 6 metres


  • Controls traffic, people or animals – Remote control from variety of opening options
  • Solar charged battery designed to run all year – Standby current consumption is very low
  • Carbon fibre arms – Light but strong
  • Opens and closes very quickly – Time to open is just 3.5 seconds
  • Fittings included – Adjustable fittings that will fit to any post or wall
  • Fobs included – Two fobs with each gate that work with any other option
  • Opening options – Fob, Phone, Keypad, Timer, Intercom and Button
  • Different formats to suit use – 2 Bar, 4 Bar and 7 Bar formats
  • Energiser  – Unique built in electric shock unit fitted for animal control only
  • Designed and assembled in Norfolk – From parts made to our design by UK based engineers
  • Established in 2011 with gates around the country