Remote controlled electric gate - Solar charged battery- Carbon fibre construction.

A NEW APPROACH TO GATES..................................................... No Wires - No Fuss - Fast

Staff / Parent car park problem – solved

13 Jul

St Nicholas school needed to keep the staff parking area for the staff as parents had a tendency to ignore the signs and park there to drop off their children. This was causing considerably difficulty and a degree of ‘disagreement’. A Dofygate was installed on 90mm square posts placed in the tarmac. A keypad allowed entry […]

FCC Environment

09 Jul

FCC Environment needed a means of controlling bin and other lorries entering a tipping area. The weighbridge was some way away and out of sight so vehicles could arrive at any time and quite close together at busy times. The result was the shovel driver could have three or four vehicles on his pad at […]

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All our electric gates open in about 3.5 seconds and come with

  • Fully assembled fast acting gate units
  • Two remote control fobs
  • Easy fix adjustable fixings for any post or wall
  • Carbon fibre gate bars
  • Built in solar panel and battery
  • Full parts and labour guarantee
  • Return if not satisfied assurance.
  • Installation service available if needed
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