Remote controlled electric gate - Solar charged battery- Carbon fibre construction.

No Fuss - No Wires - Fast

NEW PRODUCT – Traffic Stop Go Sign

03 Mar

The uses for a Dofygate knows no bounds. This one has been adapted to create a traffic Stop / Go sign. The use of this may not seem immediately clear but our customer needed to control a slip road joining a main thoroughfare to the weighbridge. No power available so the highly efficient Dofygate comes […]

Featured Product

DG1 Workshop Gate

  • Single or a pair of units opens or closes in just 3.5 seconds
  • Does not require any outside power source or any wires to or between gate posts
  • Controlled from anywhere inside the workshop
  • Built in solar panel and¬†battery designed to run all year or mains option
  • Breakaway clutch¬†absorbs heavy impacts
  • Supplied with all fittings and two remote controls
  • Stands available that mean there is no need to fix to floor or wall.
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