Remote controlled electric gate - Solar charged battery- Carbon fibre construction.

No Fuss - No Wires - Fast

Our 75th Electric Gate has been ordered

28 Sep

Dofygate has received an order for its 75th electric gate. This particular order is for traffic control with keypad and telephone opening coupled with automatic closing. we will be installing the gate to their posts. Our gates are working from Scotland to Cornwall to Kent with 2 bars, 4 bars and 7 bars containing cattle, […]


21 Sep

Customers of Spaldings can see a Dofygate or ‘Speedygate’ between the workshop area and the customer / collection area. The forklift drivers have a fob and others use the phone with the gate closing automatically behind them. There is not an electric gate or automatic gate that opens in 3.5 seconds and is entirely self […]

Featured Product

DG1 Workshop Gate

  • Single or a pair of units opens or closes in just 3.5 seconds
  • Does not require any outside power source or any wires to or between gate posts
  • Controlled from anywhere inside the workshop
  • Built in solar panel and¬†battery designed to run all year or mains option
  • Breakaway clutch¬†absorbs heavy impacts
  • Supplied with all fittings and two remote controls
  • Stands available that mean there is no need to fix to floor or wall.
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