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If you have problem controlling traffic or access

07 Jul

Dofygate can provide an answer others cannot. Through conversation with visitors to the Safety and Health 2018 event at the Excel we though we could provide a solution to a difficult to solve safety problem in warehouses. How do you stop pickers and forklifts from entering the same racking aisle or even two forklifts but […]

Pig and Poultry Fair 2018

21 May

Dofygate had a good show at the recent Pig and Poultry Fair with over 60 enquiries in the two days.  Interest in the role our gate can play improving bio-security and general control of traffic around production areas kept the stand busy. The ability to set a gate up quickly and without the need for […]

Health and Safety 2018 at an end

12 Apr

We have had a good show with interest covering a range of uses a couple of which we had not considered previously. The main interest covered three areas. Creating safe working areas by controlling vehicle entry Improving traffic control in areas previously discounted due to cost of getting power there Enforcing one way systems, car […]

Dofygate at the Health and Safety Show 2018 NEC

11 Apr

Yesterday was our first day and though the show was a little quiet there was good interest in our gate. This ranged from those wanting to control general traffic from entering their works/yard during the day to those wishing to improve control of HGVs onto tipping or loading areas. We also had interest from one […]

Dofygate can improve site safety

31 Mar

A Dofygate placed at the entrance to a loading area and operated by the shovel driver puts the shovel driver in charge of his pad. He can control lorry movement onto the pad preventing drivers moving into areas that interfere with safe loading or moving onto the pad unexpectedly during the loading of another vehicle. […]

Health and Safety Event

29 Mar

Dofygate is off to the NEC on the 7th for the 2018 Health and Safety Event. 3 days and based on the response last autumn at the similar event held in London it should be good for us. Find us on stand HS269 and our entry in the directory is here    


31 Oct

This gate is working in Northumberland. Farm security mainly but also stopping the unwanted visitor when the farmyard has no one in it. Several safety aspects here in that an uninvited visitor wandering into a yard containing stock with no barrier in place not only puts themselves at risk but also introduces a disease risk. […]