2 Bar


  • 20mm carbon fibre arms
  • opens in 3.5 seconds
  • complete with solar panel and battery designed for year round use
  • built in breakaway clutch to limit damage on impact with vehicle
  • supplied with two fobs – more can be added at any time
  • supplied with adjustable post fittings that will fit to any reasonable post or wall
  • integrated junction box for linking with accessories


  • Yard security – when fitted at the entrance the gate is a very effective deterrent that is easy to keep closed
  • Traffic control – fitted within a yard to control traffic movement
  • Site safety – control entry of vehicles into a works area avoiding unexpected arrivals
  • Pedestrian safety – the gate can be used in its ‘normal’ form or reversed so the gate is normally up and is closed across a thorofare by the pedestrian wishing to cross
  • Bio-security – control who enters a bio-secure area putting you in control and ensuring adequate use of disinfection facilities.