DOFYGATE – Remote Controlled Gate, Electric Gate.

DOFYGATE is a self-contained solar powered gate.

The reliable and professionally designed gate system is remote controlled, automatic, and easily moved. It brings a wealth of time saving benefits to the farming industry and those looking for a simple way to control traffic entering a property or parts of a property.

We’re bringing an innovative design to the gate market.


[col span=”1/4″] No Wires [/col]
[col span=”1/4″] No fuss [/col]
[col span=”1/4″] Fast  [/col]
[col span=”1/4″] Demonstrations [/col]

[col span=”1/4″] Requires no groundwork. The solar powered battery is designed to power the ultra efficient gate throughout the year.  [/col]
[col span=”1/4″] Easy to fit and operate. Self-contained design that is simple and reliable. [/col]
[col span=”1/4″] Takes only 3.5 seconds to open or close so there is no waiting. [/col]
[col span=”1/4″] We are regularly demonstrating our gates at trade shows and exhibitions. To find out when we will be in your area Click here [/col]


All variations of the Dofygate, Traffic, Livestock, or Quad are low maintenance, easy to fit, fast acting, have a breakaway clutch and are supplied with two fobs as standard.