Bio security

15 Sep

Bio security in Kent

Bio security Shropshire

Bio security in Northumberland

DOFYGATE offers a quick and easy means of significantly increasing the bio-security of a premises. The solar powered gate can be attached to existing posts and will work all year. Opening in just 3.5 seconds and closing automatically it is very easy to keep the gate closed and stay in control.

Delivery drivers of feed lorries or other requisites can be made to exit their cabs to open the gate and so use the hand wheel wash or if an automated wheel washing facility is in place the DOFYGATE can control movement through the wash.

We can link our gate into existing access systems or the gate can be used as a stanbd alone unit with all automated features available.

Opening options

  • Fobs (two provided others can be tuned in at any time)
  • Keypad entry (coupled with button or auto-open exit)
  • Phone entry (call the gate from mobile or landline to open – no call charge)
  • Timed opening (opens and stays open for specific times in the
  • day)
  • Intercom (Unit calls one or more pre-registered numbers who can authorise entry)

Width Options

  • 2.3 metres (single unit)
  • 2.5 metres (single unit)
  • 3.0 metres (single unit)
  • 4.6 metres (pair)
  • 5.0 metres (pair)
  • 6.0 metres (pair)



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