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Forklift working area made safer

28 Oct

Monks and Crane needed to replace their existing barrier so called Dofygate. They have our intercom at the gate and drivers can contact the storeman via this. The storeman can open the gate by pushing a button on his intercom handset. alternatively the gate can be opened using the long range fob (200m) if he […]

Another loading pad install

28 Oct

FCC environment wanted to mimik the gate installed at their Watford depot. Waste lorries wanting to tip on the recycling tipping pad wait at the gate until the loader driver allows access. He can get on with his work without lorries driving onto the pad and placing themselves in a place where impact may happen. […]

We have been busy. This one is near Fakenham.

28 Oct

Payne Crop Nutrition are a major fertiliser blender serving East Anglia. To make the blending area safer a Dofygate has been placed in front of each of the two vehicle entrances so neither drivers nor vehicles can move into the shed without the loader drivers knowledge. It is the loader driver who operates the gates […]

Phone number returned

29 Aug

After a stressful fortnight when our main phone number 01263 493102 disappeared into the ether it has now, at last been returned. The alternative number we provided during this period remains active,¬†We apologise for any inconvenience this may have caused. 01263 493102 now works instead of providing a constant engaged tone. I do appreciate this […]


09 Aug

We have experienced a serious problem with our telephone number listed on the leaflets and business cards. This is an internet based number but in an attempted improvement to our telephone system this number has become unavailable, hopefully temporarily. Please try 07785 352730 or 01263 761798 at any time. Alternatively E Mail I apologise […]

GDPR and privacy policy

04 Aug

GDPR Privacy Policy July 2018 As a customer of or supplier to Dofygate Ltd we hold certain information about you to enable us to fulfil our business obligations or respond fully to a request from us for details of our products or to enable us to properly maintain or service any of our products. We […]

If you have problem controlling traffic or access

07 Jul

Dofygate can provide an answer others cannot. Through conversation with visitors to the Safety and Health 2018 event at the Excel we though we could provide a solution to a difficult to solve safety problem in warehouses. How do you stop pickers and forklifts from entering the same racking aisle or even two forklifts but […]