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More cases of equine flu

15 Feb

The equine flu problem is not going away easily. 4 new stable in 4 counties amongst vaccinated and non vaccinated horses. These are not thoroghbreds. The need to control who comes into sensitive areas of a yard remains. Improving bio security measures with a Dofygate is a simple and effective improvement to any bio-security program […]

Delivered complete

12 Feb

Our gates are now palletised and delivered ready to go. Fit post plate (2 coach screws or bolts), fit adjustable bracket to post plate (4 cap head bolts) and drop gate in adjustable bracket. Line up and turn on. The options with this 4 bar gate are the fobs that come with the gate plus, […]

Is your bio security good enough.

08 Feb

Equine flu in horses, avian flu in the poultry, TB in cattle, new disease threats in pigs. If your business depends on animals then it depends on their health. Good bio security is important to business security and controlling access is a very important part of risk mitigation. The unique offering from Dofygate is that […]

Controlling access

07 Feb

  DOFYGATE improves access control, business security and safety. The solar electric gate means there are no limits on where the gate can be located. An opening speed of 3.5 seconds means that it does not interfere with normal day to day activities and coupled with automatic closing it becomes very easy  to keep the gate shut. […]

Maintain controlled access for vehicles and visitors – National Trainers Federation

07 Feb

The National Trainers Federation consider controlled access for vehicles and visitors an important part of the bio-security measures needed to avoid the spread of Equine influenza. This is what Dofygate is doing now for large and small poultry enterprises and can be used in the Equine world in exactly the same way. The range of […]

Bio-security using Dofygate

07 Feb

The recent outbreak of Equine Flu is causing extreme upset in the world of horse racing as well as posing a dangerous threat to all horses. The National Trainers Federation have published guidelines on the bio-security measures that should be followed to contain any possible outbreak. Maintaining a good perimeter and controlled access of vehicles […]

New alarm system available for Dofygates.

22 Jan

As we demonstrated at the recent LAMMA show at the NEC Dofygate now has an alarm system that will arm when the breakaway clutch is activated by say someone driving through the gate or the gate arm is lifted other than by normal operations. The alarm is only active when the gate is down so […]

Otters and Badgers

17 Jan

The 7 bar Dofygate with electrified bars that provide a shock to any interfering animal has been effective in preventing Otter incursion into a competition fishing lake at Honingham Norfolk. The lake is surrounded by Otter proof fencing but as with all such fence systems the weak point is the gate. In this instance access […]

Sheep and lambs

17 Jan

  The 7 bar DOFYGATE will contain Ewes and lambs making access to a lambing paddock simple and fast. All bars and guards facing the sheep provide an electric shock when touched using our unique DOFYGATE energiser. The electric shock is only produced when the energiser is activated which is done by any animal touching […]

The Dog Gate

17 Jan

  A great deal of time can be spent looking for a dog that has escaped and the means of escape is usually a gate left open. Our system makes keeping a gate closed very simple What DOFYGATE offers that others systems do not Fast – open or closes in under 5 seconds Keeps dogs […]