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Otters and Badgers

17 Jan

The 7 bar Dofygate with electrified bars that provide a shock to any interfering animal has been effective in preventing Otter incursion into a competition fishing lake at Honingham Norfolk. The lake is surrounded by Otter proof fencing but as with all such fence systems the weak point is the gate. In this instance access […]

Sheep and lambs

17 Jan

  The 7 bar DOFYGATE will contain Ewes and lambs making access to a lambing paddock simple and fast. All bars and guards facing the sheep provide an electric shock when touched using our unique DOFYGATE energiser. The electric shock is only produced when the energiser is activated which is done by any animal touching […]

The Dog Gate

17 Jan

  A great deal of time can be spent looking for a dog that has escaped and the means of escape is usually a gate left open. Our system makes keeping a gate closed very simple What DOFYGATE offers that others systems do not Fast – open or closes in under 5 seconds Keeps dogs […]


15 Jan

DOFYGATE was originally developed to allow easy access into and out of cattle yards on your own. A robust transmitter fob in the cab allows operation of the gate from the vehicle cab. The carbon fibre bars and carbonised plastic guard carry an electric shock to any animal interfering with the gate when closed. The […]


15 Sep

Top picture Suffolk the gate is on mobile stands as are the radio operating buttons. This allows the sheep to safely graze the drive margins while allowing visitor access. Automatic closing is part of this installation. Middle picture Cumbria the gate is allowing campers to pass through a paddock. In this case the sheep were […]

Quad bike gate

15 Sep

A unique combination of features Fast – opens in 3.5 seconds Stand alone – everything the gate needs is contained in the cabinet Built in energiser – unique to DOFYGATE our energiser only produces a shock when touched. Mobile – easy to move when needed Remote control from fob or phone A single DOFYGATE unit […]

Stock Gate going strong

06 Oct

Three summers at grass and two winters in front of a cattle yard. The electric stock gate is making life easier. Remote controlled access from the JCB or Ranger. Better than a bump gate as it will not damage the truck and better than a grid as there is no works and it can be […]


09 Jun

Dofygate are pleased to announce that we now have a trading relationship established with SPALDINGS, who will sell our range of gates under the Speedygate name. One of our gates will be present on the spaldings stand at cereals 2016. Also Fram Farmers are running a Dofygate promotion this month with a full page insert […]