15 Sep
Cattle gate video Cattle yard video

Simmental bull at Dofygate

Cattle Gate Norfolk

JCB entering cattle yard

JCB entering cattle yard

JCB strawing out yard#

DOFYGATE was originally developed to allow easy access into and out of cattle yards on your own. The parameters set out to achieve were :-

  • Self contained
  • Fast – DOFYGATE closes 3/4 of the gap in 2 seconds
  • Remote controlled from cab
  • Mobile – can be moved from the yard in the winter to the grass in the summer
  • Work all year on its own resources
  • Move within the natural field of vision of an animal
  • Withstand impact from animals or machines
  • Low runing costs

This was achieved by

  • High quality engineering and design
  • Stainless steel parts and use of sealed bearings
  • Lightweight tough carbon fibre arm
  • Shock unit designed for the gate
  • Ultra low power consumption
  • Standard AGM lead acid battery
  • Breakaway re-settable clutch

Everything the DOFYGATE needs to carry out stock holding tasks is provided in the package

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