Overview of Dofygate

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All our gates are supplied with fittings and two fobs as standard.

Other opening options are available.

No power is required to either gate and no wire crosses the gateway.

Carbon fibre arms and a breakaway clutch creates an extremely resilient product

Especially suited for access control, bio-security and site safety.

2 Bar Gate 4 Bar Gate 7 Bar Gate Dofygate Hire

An automatic remote controlled electric gate that is easy to fit and operate. Dofygate provides an effective deterrent to both vehicles and people at the entrance of premises or control movements within a property. The standard gate covers 4.6 metres and width options up to 6.0 metres in standard 2 bar format. Slopes are not a problem and when open the gate occupies no more room than the post it is fixed to. We have a complete range of options available for opening and closing the gate with varying degrees of automation.

Options available are Options

An alarm is now available that triggers if the gate is driven through so activating the breakaway clutch or lifted. click here