2 Bar Electric Gate

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    • Opens or closes in just 3.5 seconds.
    • Remote control fobs work with all other options.
    • No outside power needed. Built in solar charged battery.
    • Controlled from the vehicle or other opening device.
    • Breakaway clutch absorbs heavy impacts.
  • pad


2 Bar Video


  • Access Control and Security– stop casual visitors without interfering with your own day to day movements. Fob opening with other options available to work alongside the fobs.
  • Bio security – control vehicles movements into or around a property. ensure vehicles stop to wash
  • Driveway Gate – control who enters your property without making it difficult for regular users
  • Pedestrian – create safe crossing points with the gate reversed to be normally up and is operated to the closed position by the pedestrian allowing a safe crossing where heavy plant is a danger.
  • Site safety – controlling traffic around sites
  • Control of loading pad – enable a driver of a loading shovel to control access to his working area preventing unexpected arrivals.
  • Enforce a one way system – Prevent vehicles from traveling the wrong way using the auto open feature on one side only.
  • Disabled access

Detailed description

Automated electric gate with remote control using a solar powered battery as the power source. In standard form there are no wires to or between the gates meaning no need to dig up any part of the drive way or concrete apron it may be located on.

Designed to provide easy access control of those who should be on site and stop those who should not. Dofygate can fixed to any post with a face or diameter in excess of 125 mm and the adjustable bracket enables the gate to be easily aligned. Yard security is enhanced throughout the day by a gate that shuts automatically and can be opened in a number ways. The gate can be moved if circumstances change saving costs.

The gate operates as a pair with each half communicating with the other and folds in half as it opens. This means that when open the gate does not occupy any more space than the gate post which can free up parking space in some situations. The motion of the gate means that it is not affected by any slope and the open construction means it is not greatly affected by the wind yet remains safe at all times.




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2.3m single unit, 2.5m single unit, 3.0m single unit, 4.6m pair, 5.0m pair, 6.0m pair