Auto Open

£125.00 Exc. VAT

  • Uses two IR sensors to detect vehicle side
  • Opens gate when activated
  • Needs auto close
  • Short wire to nearest gate unit
  • Sensitivity can be adjusted
  • Requires a post or wall
  • Should be close to road edge without encroaching.
  • Normally set at 1 metre from ground level


Auto open video

Gate automatic closing system

Uses and benefits

  • In conjunction with keypad entry, auto open can allow exit
  • As part of one system enforcement by only operating on one side
  • In conjunction with the phone call to open, auto open can allow exit
  • Does not require the gateway to be dug up as in an induction loop used in car parks
  • Takes its power from the gate unit

The Auto Open system uses two IR sensors to look out for a vehicle crossing in front of the unit. Sensitivity is adjustable by changing the angle of the sensors with a high sensitive setting that may be required where the unit is set back from the roadway or vehicles passing in front of it are predominately black in colour.

The unit works well with cars, vans, 4*4, agricultural machinery and HGVs.

An extra post is needed to mount the unit on normally 3 metres from the nearest gate unit and 1 metre from ground or road level.