Built into each cabinet

Supplied in situations where the gate contains or excludes animals

Provides a shock to an interfering animal

Uses only 0.5 milliamps in detection mode



If the shock on a gate is to strong then the animals are fearful of the space occupied by the gate rather than the gate itself which results in the animals not passing through the gateway when the gate is opened. Not strong enough and the animals will interfere and push against the gate.

The Dofygate shock unit was developed to provide a shock that is just right. This was achieved by using a ball of wire hung in a yard of cattle with a means of measuring how the played with the ball. The shock was applied to the ball using a unit where it was possible to change both the voltage and intensity (current). By measuring how long the animals stayed away from the ball having received a shock it was possible to determine a level that worked. it was noted that if an animal received a strong shock their reaction alone was sufficient to keep the others away. a weaker shock and more animals would try out the ball before the witnesses decided not to try themselves. This methodology allowed us to find a shock level that meant the animals were deterred from interfering with the gate but would pas through when the gate was opened. They associated the shock with the gate structure and not the space the gate occupied.

Field trials have determined that our shock unit will work for cattle sheep dogs and horses with customers themselves finding that Llamas and Rheas are also kept at bay.

Since the shock unit only deals with the short length of the gate unit we can use a detection method where the gate is held at 100 volts and this voltage crashes when the gate is earthed by an interfering animal at which point a 4000 volt shock is applied 3 times at 1 second intervals after which the gate reverts back to detection mode. Should an animal remain continuously in contact for more than 3 seconds the resetting action does not then allow the gate to apply further shocks. Once the earth situation is removed for more than 2 seconds the gate resets.

This means of detection response means that for 99.9% of the time no high voltage shock is produced allowing our shock unit to run at 0.5 milliamps as opposed to the more normal 20 to 50 milliamps consumed by low power high efficiency energisers. The total quiescent power consumption of a Dofygate with energiser fitted is under 5 milliamps.