£60.00 Exc. VAT


  • Two fobs are supplied with every gate
  • The usual range from inside a vehicle is 50 metres and 75 metres line of sight
  • The battery is a CR2020 button and should last 2 years or more
  • The case is robust and resistant to shocks and drops
  • One fob can operate any number of gates
  • One gate can be operated by any number of fobs
  • All fobs work in conjunction with other options
  • For Quad bike options see below




Two fobs are supplied with every gate. More fobs can be added at any time. If more then one gate is purchased then all fobs can operate all gates.

A DOFYGATE pair can be split for part of the year creating two Quad bike gates and each unit operated independently using the supplied fob.

The 4 colour coded buttons work in pairs. One pair of buttons will open and shut one gate and the other pair another gate. If automatic closing is fitted then only one of the buttons of each pair is used. If the gates are separated by more than the range of the fob then the same buttons can operate another gate.