Phone Opening

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  • Call from mobile phone or landline
  • No call charge created
  • Unit has its own Simm card
  • Has built in button to open gate directly
  • Either any caller can open the gate or only pre-registered callers
  • Caller registration by text
  • Either uses mains power or independent solar / battery supply
  • Phone unit communicates with gate by radio
  • Mains or Solar or PC based programmable


The 5024 unit is coupled to a radio that communicates with the gate. The phone receiver and radio unit need to be within 75 metres of the gate at a standard mains socket. The 5024 unit can be set to open the gate in response to a call from any phone or only in response to a call from a number that has been pre-registered.

Pre-registration of numbers to create the restricted caller list is done by text message.

Changing between pre-registered only and any caller mode is done by text message

Other parameters can be changed by text and an authorised user can enquire of the unit the strength of signal it is receiving.

No call charges are created in normal use as the unit never answers the call. Text messages are charged at provider rates

Where a mains supply is not within 75 metres we can provide a solar powered version with its own solar panel and battery that works independently of the gate. This unit is normally placed within 50 metres of the gate with a south facing aspect. It is an entirely self supporting unit and communication with the gate is by radio.

The 5025 unit does not have the solar option and enables the restricted list to be managed via a PC or laptop using a standard USB cable. Users can be pre-registered and have access for specific periods, before and after which access is denied.

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