Remote button

£45.00£60.00 Exc. VAT

  • Radio button with battery (PP9 incliuded) & transmitter
  • Waterproof button in 85*85mm exterior IP67 Box
  • Can be fitted to any gate at install or retrospectively


A transmitter with battery in a waterproof box for operating any Dofygate. Where auto close is fitted the 1 button unit is supplied. Where auto close is not fitted as is often the case with the multi-bar gates for animal containment or exclusion then a two button box enables both open and close to be initiated. This unit is usually used in the following circumstances

  • Where a Dofygate is controlling access into a workshop or other working area. The remote radio button unit can be located at a handy point for those working within the area enabling easy entry control.
  • As a means to exit a gate with controlled entry by a keypad or intercom.
  • Stock situations to facilitate entry or exit.
  • With a 7 bar gate for dog control where the remote button would have open and close buttons as illustrated in the two button picture.

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Fixed Radio Button, Fixed Wired Button