Site Safety – Examples

Dofygate has been used in the following situations to improve safety or improve traffic management

Costain at Thames Water Beckton needed to enforce a one way system in and out of a major but temporary works area  –  A Dofygate was placed on temporary stands at the entrance and controlled remotely by the gate man so drivers must sign in. The exit is one way and the gate can only be opened from the inside to allow vehicles to leave the site but not enter.

Heath Mount school needed to improve the safety of children crossing a busy internal road   –   A Dofygate was placed on wooden posts just in front of the crossing point. Cars have to stop at the gate to press a button to open it and in doing so take responsibility for opening the gate. Children can cross safely. The gate closes automatically so long as the gateway is clear but will stay open for following traffic using a suitably placed sensor to see that traffic before it gets to the gate. A flashing LED light to warn the children not to cross stays on while the gate is up.

FCC Environment needed a means of controlling bin and other lorries entering a tipping area. The weighbridge was some way away and out of sight so vehicles could arrive at any time and quite close together at busy times. The result was the shovel driver could have three or four vehicles on his pad at the same time making it difficult for him to work and made the job slower. A single Dofygate operated by the shovel driver now means he can control  access. Not only is it safer but quicker as well.

“We were looking for a solution to Traffic Management within a very busy Transfer Station, we were limited in terms of installing an electrically powered gate and also needed to avoid the requirement of a person to manually operate the barrier.  After looking at a number of options we decided to have a Dofygate installed.  The delivery and installation were both very quick and we found the product to be ideal for our needs – not only does it remove the requirement to have a person in place to operate but it also allowed for us to move it and reposition as necessary so it was very versatile”.

“In terms of H&S; whilst the gate itself is very lightweight and would not stop a vehicle from driving through, it has been incredibly effective in controlling the movement of vehicles on site and as such we invested in a second gate elsewhere in the depot to further improve our Traffic Management”.  Vicky Spink – FCC Waterdale  Transport Manager







St Nicholas school needed to keep the staff parking area for the staff as parents had a tendency to ignore the signs and park there to drop off their children. This was causing considerably difficulty and a degree of ‘disagreement’. A Dofygate was installed on 90mm square posts placed in the tarmac. A keypad allowed entry to staff and exit was facilitated using our automatic opening system. There is a wire between the nearest gate and the keypad but this is not in the way and no tarmac needed to be dug up other than the small holes needed for the gate posts. No more ‘disagreements’ as the barrier is clear.


Tyre Tech needed to stop customers from walking into the garage instead of the reception area. There is a tendency to go towards the biggest door and another tendency not to read signs. Some customers even drove straight into the garage which was of great concern to fitters who may be working low down or partially hidden. The problem was solved with a single unit at the entrance to the garage operated using either a fob or a fixed position radio button.

We installed the DOFYGATE six months ago to stop the public from wandering or even driving into the workshop instead of going to reception. The public are safer and so are we. It does exactly what we wanted with no problems and no extra costs.”  Nick Breeze, TyreTech24, Aylsham

Ernest Doe needed to stop customers from entering their yard that fronted the workshop. Technician vehicles and fork lifts made this a dangerous place for customers and avoided the technician from being disturbed from his work by customers who should not be there. The stores was also in the yard so as well as technicians needing to get regular access, it was necessary to allow delivery drivers to enter the yard. A Dofygate with telephone opening was installed. The radio button that comes with the telephone unit allows the store manager to open the gate for deliveries while others can ring the gate to gain access or leave.

B & BM Motors also needed to stop customers from driving into their garage but the garage front was 7 metres across. Apair of Dfygates extended to 6 metres covered most of the gap with appropriate signage and the problem was solved.

Tropical Butterfly House and Falconry Centre needed to keep the public out of maintenance areas and tracks intended for ground staff while at the same time allow the ground staff and the trailer rides to move around easily in their vehicles. Two Dofygates allowed this process using simple fob open and close operated from the tractor pulling the rides or the maintenance vehicles.

Costain Tames Water Mogden Lane needed to improve the safety of staff needing to cross a busy internal road. A Dofygate was installed in reverse so instead of being normally down the motor was reversed so it was normally up. The pedestrian is the one operating the gate and to ensure safe crossing at an appropriate moment the pedestrian drops or closes the gate across the road. The gate then uses its sensors to ensure the pedestrian has completed their crossing before opening again.

East City Chirdrens Centre needed to stop parents from a neighboring school from using their parking area at picking up and dropping off time. Not only did it disrupt the running of gtheir school it also made their own car park dangerous for the children. A single Dofygate at the entrance that stopped vehicles but allowed pedestrians did the trick.